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Enterprise Twitter

In a Business Organization, Micro-blogging can increase productivity and contribute to Collaborative Organizational Knowledge. I see proving it right by providing Desktop. is an Open Source Group Collaboration software for the enterprise2.0. has core collaboration applications like wiki, blogs, workspaces, file repositories, media repositories, shared Calendar, contextual discussion, Search, linkd directory, and Workflow (Role based Access Control).

Users are created in main site and their access rights are provided to them based upon their role in the organizational hierarchy. Desktop (an Adobe AIR app) inherits user’s workflow (access rights) from main site and delivers the activity stream to the authorized users. Activities e.g. If someone uploads a file in main site, the other authorized users receives a notification from desktop and can instantly comment (Tweet) on the content. Similarly another authorized co-worker can add new comment on the same content OR can reply to previous comment (Re-Tweet).

The important thing here is that the comments and re-comments (Tweets or Re-tweets) here takes place around a ‘Context’ and gets structured in ‘Threaded Discussion’ form attached to the content container as “discussion”.

ReadWriteWeb recently mentioned ” The client is beautiful implementation of how microblogging could (and perhaps should) work for businesses”. and Desktop is Open Source and can be downloaded from here.

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