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In a Business Organization, Micro-blogging can increase productivity and contribute to Collaborative Organizational Knowledge. I see cyn.in proving it right by providing cyn.in Desktop.

Cyn.in is an Open Source Group Collaboration software for the enterprise2.0. cyn.in has core collaboration applications like wiki, blogs, workspaces, file repositories, media repositories, shared Calendar, contextual discussion, Search, linkd directory, and Workflow (Role based Access Control).

Users are created in cyn.in main site and their access rights are provided to them based upon their role in the organizational hierarchy.

Cyn.in Desktop (an Adobe AIR app) inherits user’s workflow (access rights) from main cyn.in site and delivers the activity stream to the authorized users. Activities e.g. If someone uploads a file in cyn.in main site, the other authorized users receives a notification from cyn.in desktop and can instantly comment (Tweet) on the content. Similarly another authorized co-worker can add new comment on the same content OR can reply to previous comment (Re-Tweet).

The important thing here is that the comments and re-comments (Tweets or Re-tweets) here takes place around a ‘Context’ and gets structured in ‘Threaded Discussion’ form attached to the content container as “discussion”.

ReadWriteWeb recently mentioned ” The cyn.in client is beautiful implementation of how microblogging could (and perhaps should) work for businesses”.

Cyn.in and cyn.in Desktop is Open Source and can be downloaded from here.


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How to: Setup the cyn.in vmware appliance

A video tutorial that will help you through all the steps to getting the cyn.in vmware appliance to work.

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cyn.in Desktop – The best of instant messengers

The cyn.in desktop is probably the most talked about new thing in cyn.in v2.1
Built on the Adobe Air platform cyn.in desktop provides a live Activity Stream from your cyn.in site, facilitates instant discussions, lets user set their Status Messages, Search throughout cyn.in site and Supports Windows, Mac OSX & Linux. cyn.in desktop is Open Source.

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cyn.in v2 – Open Source Collaboration Software

cyn.in, the industry leading SaaS offering  for enterprise collaboration and knowledge management, is now available as an ‘out of the box’ software appliance that can be set-up behind your firewall. cyn.in v2 is now open source and the full featured Community Edition software appliance is available for free download.

Wilmington, DE: 16th July 2008 Cynapse is proud to announce the release of Cyn.in v2, an open source collaborative knowledge management software. cyn.in manages, secures, tracks and organically structures a content base of files, documents, digital media and any free form content. Cyn.in’s flexible content workflows, rules and role based granular security works in compliance with existing business processes and collaboration methodologies.

cyn.in is the most powerful and robust open source collaboration software that enables enterprises to setup rich collaboration work spaces for employees, business partners, customers and their entire value network. These workspaces encompass various collaborative applications like wikis, blogs, filre sharing repositories, shared event calendars, image galleries and more.

cyn.in empowers users to fluidly create digital content and share it with peers. cyn.in’s live search, categorization and interlinking features help users to find relevant content at blazing speeds. Centrally managed and version controlled content lets your users focus on collaboratively getting things done and stop worrying about accidental modifications, disk failures and data loss.

Key Features of cyn.in include:

  • Collaborative applications like Wikis, Blogs, File Repositories, Galleries, Event Calendars, Link Directories & Discussions
  • Enterprise class Content Management capabilities including customizable workflows, rules engine with definable actionables on triggers, version control & bulk management
  • Lightening fast Live Search displays results as you type, filtering out results on-the-fly to display accurate knowledge results
  • Smart views allow users to create perspective oriented views of any content based on multiple filtering criteria
  • XML & Open standards based APIs allow simple extensibility and integration into existing systems.

cyn.in combines the advantages of knowledge management, document management and collaboration to deliver the following Enterprise 2.0 applications in a single unified environment:

  • Rich Enterprise Wikis for knowledge management
  • Document Management with document control, tracking and revision management
  • Intranet / Extranet publishing and collaboration
  • Corporate social network systems and communities
  • Team collaboration workspaces
  • Shared digital asset repositories
  • Secure virtual discussion rooms
  • Multi-user, multi-audience blogging

Cyn.in v2 brings with it a new era of Web 2.0 Collaboration and Knowledge Management applications for large to small businesses, organizations, institutions, and groups. The cyn.in software appliance integrates everything required to run cyn.in, including the application server, database, a hardened operating system, etc. into an easy to setup software appliance that can be run on most industry leading appliance platforms, such as VM Ware, XenSource, Microsoft VHD or can be directly installed on a standard bare metal server. The community edition of cyn.in is available without any restrictions for free download, in the form of a virtual appliance or full source code.

cyn.in Enterprise Edition is available as an On-Premise Appliance and an On-Demand service. The enterprise edition comes with advanced live update features, appliance backup features, unlimited users, tested, stable and controlled releases of the software with high level proactive support features. Enterprise customers get priority support, access to full source code as well as a wider choice of appliance deployment options. The Enterprise Edition is priced at a per server model and there are no additional costs for client access licenses.

cyn.in Small Business Edition On-demand SaaS starts as low as $8/user/month, giving companies the most economical option to setup an Enterprise 2.0 Collaborative knowledge management system. Small Business On-Premise edition is limited to 50 users, offers live updates with access to round-the-clock ticket -based support.

cyn.in is now available to teams, organizations and enterprises across the world, and can be instantly purchased and managed online via the Cynapse Customer Care Portal.

Visit cyn.in at http://cyn.in. To see how cyn.in v2 compares to other similar products  such as  Sharepoint, Confluence, Clearspace, Knowledge Tree, visit http://cyn.in/explore/compare

Download the cyn.in Community Edition appliance for free.

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Cynapse launches NeoBinaries.com

Cynapse – the inventor of SyncNotes and Flickr Gadget has recently launched their new invention NeoBinaries. NeoBinaries is a web2.0 community powered by users, industry experts, application creators and team Cynapse, designed to help users decide upon the perfect web based application for their wide ranging requirements.

NeoBinaries makes it easy for you to find the web based application that works best for your usage. At NeoBinaries you can find the newest & most popular web2.0 applications, compare details, read reviews and comments from people like you. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds and keep yourself updated with the latest news from the world of web2.0.

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